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まず日本語の部からスタート、TM Y会長が欠席により、急きょ今夜のトーストマスター(TMOE)のTM Tさんが代役を務め、開会宣言及びゲスト紹介を行いました。その後、新たにメンバーとなったTM Yさんの入会式を行いました。


次に、今夜の言葉は、TM Hさんが、最近気に入って聴いている音楽があるとのことで、「デスパシート」をあげスペイン語であるため、英語でいう「ゆっくり」(Leisurely)を提示しました。





ほら吹きスピーチについてはTM Internationalから示された定義はないが、「架空の話でメッセージ性は不要」、「審査基準としては割合が30、デリバリー55、言語15」、「長さはユーモアスピーチより短く聴衆の巻き込み、テンポの良さが特徴である」など情報提供いただきました。さらに、ほら吹きスピーチの作り方、作るうえでの留意点、本当に大切なことは何かなど、ポイントとなることをお話いただきました。



After a short break, we shifted to English session.  


The first prepared speech was given by TM T, titled “Tomorrow- a day not promised”. She told us her unforgettable incident that she had encountered during her living in New York. It occurred on September 11, 2001. The Islamic extremist group hijacked airliners and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States. Two of airplanes were flown into the towers of the World Trade Center in that city. A third plane hit the Pentagon just outside Washington D.C.. Those attacks resulted in extensive death and destruction. She described such a tragic phenomena as disturbing, confusion, sorrow and so on. She expressed it by the word of “Khaos”. She lost one of close friends who worked in the World Trade Center building. 

She has still remained the tragic memory and has been burdened with heartache.

Her message that our life is not stable, so don’t wait anything until tomorrow, was sent to us.


Next, in the Table topic session, TM Y asked three questions concerning summer: 1) What is a sweet memorable events in Summer?, 2) How do you make a plan in summer?, 3) Which season do you like best?

to a new TM member and two guests, one by one.


The evaluation for TM T’s speech was done by TM S. He pointed out that her description of tragic incident was thrilling and gave us a strong impact because of her real experience in New York. He added two suggestions of changing verb’s tense and making presentation with vivid emotion to be more persuasive.


General Evaluator of TM O, I made such a comment that everyone including special guest and speakers made a good performance to make the regular meeting proceeded smoothly and pointed out plus sides  throughout the session.


Lastly, we reported the best speaker of the table topic, a guest B.


This time, we had a great session of tall taller workshop carried by TM S who won the best prize in Japan and belongs to three other TM clubs at present. 

She informed us of not only what tall taller speech is and related matters but also how to perform in the public and involve audiences.

Recently we welcome new participants in every regular meeting. We hope they will join our club as a registered member.

Thank you for each member ‘s performance and cooperation in this meeting.


Next meeting will be held on August 3rd at Shinjuku Cosmic Center. We are going to have a regular meeting. More regular members are expected to join the meeting. And also more guests are welcome! 


The above report was written by TM O.