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[The 159th regular meeting report]

First half part: English session

 The 159th regular meeting was held at a meeting room of Ookubo Sports Plaza.
We started the meeting from the English part this time. The vice president of Shinjuku Bilingual TM Y called the meeting to order and welcomed eight fellow TMs, esteem four guests.
After that, the vice president introduced TM S charged with the toast master's role of tonight (TMOE). And he passed TM S a baton of today’s main procedure.

There was an explanation of tonight’s word “iffy” in English and “微妙” in Japanese from  TM K.
Next, TM S introduced respective roles necessary for speech and evaluation (Timekeeper, Vote Counter, Grammarian, Ah-counter, Meeting Reporter) 

We proceeded a prepared speech session.
The first speaker, TM Y made an ice breaker speech that means his first speech by the title of "Minority”.
He described himself of typical normal person who was born as one of three children in the suburb of Saitama, did club activity and studied subjects but did not deal with them well in his school days.
He added he changed himself by the chance to meet a minor sport, Sepak takraw which was popular among people in Malaysia and Thailand.
When TM Y watched one Sepak takraw’s player on TV, he was very impressed by the minor sport such as an acrobat show. He became a member of Sepak takraw’s club at University and his team won the first prize in Japan because one high skilled student of the club contributed to the victory.

TM Y concluded his speech by such a remark that what you think something of the minority is not minority, you can extend it into specialty from a point of view. 

The second speaker, one of esteem guests, TM N made a humorous speech by the title of "Be a professional.
At first he introduced an emergent situation on the airplane that a person became ill, and then flight attendant asked a call ‘Help a doctor here? We need a doctor to help him”. Then, one doctor on the airplane, such a medical professional came near to deal with the patient.

TM N told us that his dream was to become a professional worker like a doctor, but such a dream is far from the real situation that he works as an insurance worker, receiving customers’ claims on the telephone and dealing with them on daily basis. He sometimes had an idea to quit the job.

One day, TM N got a call from one house owner to ask him questions related his job and was told “Please give me a professional advice”. Then, he noticed his insurance job would be regarded as one of professional jobs and became to work harder than before, memorizing necessary words for his job, figuring out 400 clients information and dealing with customers’ calls.

At the end of his speech, he conveyed us his strong message” Be a professional” through his own experience.

 After two TM’s prepared speech were carried out, the evaluation session followed.
The first evaluator, TM K praised TM Y was able to complete the first speech without any notes and convey  his message, what he wanted to say to today’s participants. TM K gave him an advice, “To be confident”.

The next evaluator, TM T also applauded TM N’s good introductory performance, making use of gesture and  changing the tone of voice. TM T also pointed out TM N’s improvement that he did not emphasize on the speech project, “Make them laugh”.


今日は、準備スピーチが1本、TM Yさんから、意味深な題目「二十歳からのお付き合い」が披露されました。



続いては、テーブルトピックのセッションへ移り、TM Tさんが登場。
前者の質問に対し、TM Hさんは「リーダーシップ」、後者の質問に、TM Tさんは「現在部下はいないが、自分の経験を教える。」とのことでした。 

続いて、論評の部へ移りました。TM Yさんの論評者は、TM Hさんでした。



また、TM N会長が不在の中、副会長がその代役となり、時計係、本日の言葉、文法係、えーとカウンターの役割についても、数日前、あるいは当日に決めて行うという、非常に会の運営自体が危ぶまれた回でした。英語の準備スピーチでエリアディレクターTM Nさんにおかれては、お忙しい中駆けつけていただき、本例会に華を添えていただき、感謝いたします。

数日前にスピーチを依頼されたとのことでしたが、多種の効果的な要素が散りばめられ、メッセージが強く伝わるProfessional speechに心が動かされました。





By TM Otsu